Willow Wonderings

Willow Wonderings

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Well friends, welcome to a new phase in my life and my blogging career!

Wonderings: Feeling or expressing awe, admiration, amazement, or surprise.

When I went to Outdoor School this past fall, I was asked to choose an “Island Nature name.” The first one that came to mind, and the one that I ultimately chose, was Willow. Perhaps the name resonated in resemblance to Welliver, my last name (or surname), but on a deeper level, the Willow tree has always been one of my favorites. It inspires awe, admiration, and amazement in me. It surprises me with the way its branches dance overhead as I lay in the grass and look up towards the sky. And it reminds me of willow fireworks – the best of any Fourth of July finale.

You may notice that my last post from The Pearson Journey said farewell, but in my journey home, I found that writing is an essential outlet for me. This blog, Willow Wonderings, was born out of my hopes to continue reflecting, dreaming, and wondering. I felt that it is appropriate to begin a new blog because I am growing a new branch in my life – I am now a Davidson student, a Pearson graduate, a daughter and sister returned home.

After much contemplation, I decided to rest at home in Carroll County and Baltimore, Maryland for the summer to simply relax, which is a new experience for my overproductive-do-it-now self. I seek to let go of those old habits, the stress, the pressures that defined much of my Pearson experience. After those two intense and challenging years, I am hoping this time will allow me to reground myself.

So, as I move forward, I am excited that I will celebrate my nineteenth birthday in two days! I already started my celebration by reading the loving goodbye letters written by my Pearson classmates. Two weeks after leaving campus, I felt it was finally time to sit and soak in all the goodness! Their words brought me to such deep gratitude; I felt understood and appreciated. My friend Raied posted a beautiful quote by Khalil Gibran that sums my experience:
“When you part from your friend, you grieve not;
For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.”

As I slowly transition back to life at home, I am grateful to have my classmates’ letters hanging in my room as reminders of the inspiration and love we shared. It is not easy to come home and no longer be surrounded by people, to be without constant activity and conversation. It is a slow process to let go, to relax, to come back to my center.

This summer, I seek a slow, calm, simple way of being in the world. A way that brings deeper acceptance of life as it is, with much laughter and Light. I seek awareness of beauty in everyday simplicity. I seek to nurture and nourish the Soul with learning, gardening, cooking, and time with family. I seek to heal and rejuvenate my mind and body. Most deeply, I seek peace, a journey of faith that connects me to God within.

If you look for me, you may find me beneath my backyard willow tree. Until next time, may you wander and wonder in nature!


One thought on “Willow Wonderings

  1. Hi Liz,
    This is a striking post. Thanks for mentioning me:)
    I wish you the best of luck in the new stage of your life as a student at Davidson College. It is a wonderful place and I am sure you have much to contribute to it from your values, commitments, experiences, and actions!
    Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the beautiful nature.

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