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Eco-dreams at Davidson

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When I read Wednesday, July 4th on my alarm clock this morning, I almost thought I was dreaming.
It is hard for me to believe that I have been home for a month already, and the date of August 18th is quickly approaching. On that day, I will make my first of many flights from Baltimore to Charlotte, beginning my (international pre-)orientation at Davidson College!

Once I sent away my course preferences in Webtree, the most complicated lottery program known to mankind, and my scholarship agreement statement, the reality of I am actually going to Davidson sank in. Within this past week, I was most excited to connect with my roommate; Mary and I have so much in common, it is amazing. Davidson does a personality test and interest match to ensure we build a cohesive residential community. I have also seen my course schedule this week, the floor plan of my dorm room, and I have talked with many of my classmates online. “The miracle of Facebook,” as my dad would say, has allowed me to communicate with fellow incoming freshmen, people who I may be in touch with the rest of my life.

I am wonder-filled at the potential of a four year experience at Davidson. The thousands of course combinations – let alone innumerable internships, travel abroad, and service opportunities – open my imagination to possibility. My most recent interests have guided me to the path of ecotherapy, an emerging field that incorporates one’s relationship to nature as a primal modal for healing. Drawing upon ancient indigenous wisdom, spiritual tradition, environmental studies, and psychology, ecotherapy is interdisciplinary, and a self-designed path. Defining a major and course of study at Davidson will be an evolving process, and I will begin my liberal arts career this fall with:
Writing 101 – Religious Pluralism
Environmental Social Sciences
Humans and Other Animals, a religion course – and –
French 201!

image source: davidsonnews.net

Where will I find a practical job as an ecotherapist? This is a commonly asked question, especially by my family members, and an important one to consider. Yesterday I dreamed that I started a holistic healing center for at-risk youth in the wilderness, where youth can have access to counseling, meditation, yoga, organic gardening, the forest – all the practices that have helped me to heal over the years. This vision is one of many that I hope to develop over the next four years.

This Spring, during my weekend at Davidson, I felt like I was home, able to be my true self in a loving community. Now that I have joined that community, I can only dream of how I will grow and where I will find myself four years from today. This summer, I will be reading, spending time outside, writing, and of course, looking forward to August 18th!

To my American friends, happy fourth of July – enjoy the sun and the fireworks!


One thought on “Eco-dreams at Davidson

  1. I’m really excited for you, Liz! Your courses sound very interesting, too. I hope (and know) university will be another hugely exciting adventure for you 😀

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