Willow Wonderings

The Summer of Fire

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When I first began acupuncture this summer, I was surprised to hear my primary element is the Fire element.

I was reminded of my fear of fire when my acupuncturist used an herb in treatment, called moxa; she lit a small piece with an incense stick and placed it on my skin. At first, my mind flipped at the idea of a burning plant on my skin. Let’s be honest: I refused to light a match before my first year at Pearson, but I relented when I was part of a candle lighting ceremony. And even then I was scared out of my mind.

But during my first acupuncture treatment, when I felt the warmth disperse, both on the skin and in my body, I felt reawakened to the fire within.

This summer, I discovered the true qualities of fire that align with my own nature. Fire wants to be all in control, when in truth, it is vulnerable. It needs consistent, tender care. Fire needs to spread out, to have lots of wood (hence my love for trees), or it is trapped in its cold and controlling matchstick. Fire needs socialization – community. It is warm, and joyful. It is the season of summer, of maturation, and of radiating joy and warmth.

Within, fire speaks to the Heart by opening it to the Divine. It seeks purification in spirit. Thinking of fire reminds me of the sacred campfire circles of my youth, when I felt closer to God than any other time of the year.

This summer, the summer of fire, reawakened my true heart. The heart that wants to love and be loved, just as fire spreads warmth to all it touches.

Now, with a fire of excitement burning within, I am seated in the BWI airport on my way to Charlotte. Though I am sad to leave this summer behind, I am grateful for the loving lessons it provided. It is time that I keep unfolding, keep opening to the Light within and above.

May all beings know their true nature of Love, and may the flames in all Hearts grow to touch their deepest longings.


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