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The Windowed Soul

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In Davidson, North Carolina, the old adage rings true: “When it rains, it pours.”

Envision this: I am in the middle of a soccer field, emerging from a peaceful walk in the woods. I finish my routine afternoon sun salutation and the first droplet hits my forehead.

Good timing, I thought, hoping to reach a nearby building before the rain strengthened – and then the monsoon began crashing down in waves.

I was drenched within minutes, already late to a large meeting, in my soaked cotton tshirt and dirt-ridden shoes. I needed a good explanation as to why I looked like I emerged from a deathly mud fight, and no words were coming. Only raindrops seemed to penetrate my mind. I felt embarrassed and anxious to face people’s reactions already.

In my frustration, I stopped staring at my shoes and looked up at the dynamic sky above me. Suddenly I fell captivated to the rain’s energy. It swung through the trees with a force so vibrant and free. I felt my own worries and thoughts being washed away in the beauty of the moment. You can only guess what happened next –

I began laughing, hysterically. I swung my arms and legs into ecstatic skipping across the field – and I couldn’t help but laugh at my own frolicking. 

Last week, I wrote about waking from the trance, and the importance of awareness. This week, I found awakening in the rain drops: I opened my eyes to the rainstorm.

To me, the rain storm embodies the spirit of Davidson: intense energy bringing vigorous growth. To add to my collection of proverbs, I love the Native American saying, “The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.” I realized this week the depth and complexity of the academic challenges that lay before me, on top of extracurricular passions and movements and new relationships. It rains, and it pours opportunities, and it is beautiful. “

Given the inevitability of the rainstorm, I learned that I need to dance to its pattering beats. I need to feel the elements, and open my windows to the both the rain and the sun. Neither last forever. As E.G. White proclaims, “Open the windows of the soul and let the sunlight of God’s love come in to illuminate the darkened chambers of the mind.”

Opening my windows means more than “you only live once,” or taking life less seriously. It means I am willing to open myself to the pure, vulnerable moment, to new experiences that will change my inner dialogue. It means I am willing to engage in a life that celebrates genuine openness. This weekend especially has brought a plethora of open, spontaneous joy, a welcome rainbow after the storm.

So with that, I hope you enjoy the sunshine, and the rainshine this week!

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