Willow Wonderings

The Sweetest Song

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All day,
I want to sing.
I want to sing melodies of stardust
exploding in the daytime
I want to sing harmonies of Sparrow songs
and calls of Orca whales.

This is the sound of Love.

I hear the beating hum
drumming life into each footstep
and song into each heartbeat.

This is the sound of the Sacred.

Inside, it plays
to our heart’s truest tune.
How can we sing to listen,
and listen to sing,
and dance to this pure sound?

I hear God singing
in the warmth of a
friend’s smile
whispering in the moonlight

I dance to God’s voice
laughing in the flowerbeds
or speaking in the treetops
reaching towards the Heavens

And always,
I hear God in stillness.

In silence, God sings
the sweetest song –
the reverberating
Heart strings.

Today, as I walked in the woods, I was inspired to write this poem as I saw the trees purifying our air, water, and soil. I remembered that we, too, have a purpose to sustain life on Earth. We, too, have a way to share love. We do this through our acts of kindness, and by allowing our genuine presence to sing God’s love.

On this day of Canadian Thanksgiving, I give gratitude for the acts of kindness that have shown me abundant love. Surprise bouquets of flowers, late night conversations, shared nap time, warm hugs, meaningful meals, poems, letters from friends and family, fall weather – all have restored me to fullness. Tonight, I sing thanksgiving for relationships, for Creation, and for the miracle of being alive.

Lastly – a happy birthday shout out to my amazing big sister Caralyn Starr, who always knows how to brighten my day!


One thought on “The Sweetest Song

  1. Elizabeth Welliver. This is beautiful. May we always “laugh in the flowerbeds…”

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