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Radical Gratitude

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There is nothing like two days of intense schoolwork before Thanksgiving break to uncover the ultimate paradox of faith: finding gratitude and grace revealed in life’s simple, even challenging, moments.

Given the six minutes I have to dedicate to this blog post, let this list of moments of “radical gratitude” speak to my past week’s journey.
If there is anything to be grateful in the world, it is these manifestations of beauty:
– Friday afternoon tea time in mindfulness club, gathering friends and cats and Emerson readings to awaken my philosophical mind
– Campfire circles in the middle of the woods that bring more people to make s’mores as the night matures, until I return with my voice happily worn out from singing
– Finding a friend in the union to laugh with upon the return of a disappointing grade
– Seeing post-it notes from World Kindness Day left up for the duration of the week to brighten our days
– Going to the Healthy Home Market to receive advice on buying organic soap from kind strangers
– Finding out that my favorite Quaker couple raised their children in my hometown!
– Going to the town of Davidson interfaith service on Thanksgiving, joining community members from several faith traditions to share gratitude practices
– Sharing perfect moments of musical creation late at night until I hear guitar strums as I drift into sleep
– Meatless Thanksgiving dinner potlucks at the eco-house where creative souls create countless delectable dishes
– Cuddling, nap dates, and late afternoon tea dates with no purpose but relaxation
– Speaking in poetry verses, spontaneous adventures, sparks of hope in life’s unfolding adventure… and trusting that love carries us through every challenge.
– And finally, most of all, I am thankful for Thanksgiving! Though I will miss being home, I am looking forward to rest and to spend time with the loving McLain family. So much home-cooked goodness and family fun to come!

To all of my readers, I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving week filled with radical gratitude.


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