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Loving Well

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“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller

In the past few days, I have realized how blessed I am to be at Davidson, surrounded by loving friends and infinite opportunities. In light of this blessing, I have contemplated the meaning of loving well. I want to share my gratitude with others truthfully, yet it is difficult to practice – especially now as we approach the stressful end of a semester and the holiday season. In these times, we need to know we are truly loved. We also need direction on how to share ourselves with others. We need a safe and sacred space to unfold; we need the intimacy of loving well.

In my yoga class tonight, as we sang with open hearts, I caught a glimpse of what it means to share true love – with myself and others. I did not initiate the singing, but by listening to those around me, I joined their harmony. What does it mean to truly live from this place of Divine giving and receiving? How do we fall into that deep well, and let its water nourish our every living moment?

This moment of singing revealed that i, the infinitesimal being on the face of the planet, am not the one who creates love. i am but a channel in an ever-flowing stream. i am loved by the One who radiates all love, who illuminates everything. i am called to receive, and to pour out, that Light in all that i do.

how, then, do i love well?
well it is no simple task, nor did God speak
a certain path for us to tread upon
in our treasure search.
trusting, we blindly follow a stirring that
reveals to whom, to where, to which encounter
our presence
would worship the Wholeness of the world.
sometimes our love is our silence,
other times it is our singing
so that our sound softly lands upon the
stillness of another soul.
yet our love cannot exist
without sadness.
suffering is inescapable in any love song.
we must trust the voice that says
suffering is our step to salvation,
to shared solidarity.
we must sit with the uncertainties,
yours and mine,
and say yes to them all.
to have the faith to fall
to have the heart to hear another’s call
to have the courage
to emerge from our walls.
there is infinite space within
for us to hold and be held.
so whether we write notes or bake cookies or listen truly
or forgive ourselves and others gracefully
or just smile and give gratitude,
there is love.
there is a small droplet of that deep well
dwelling within each exchange.
it nourishes ourselves and each other.
so it may be, that in loving well,
we learn to breathe under water.

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