Willow Wonderings

Sleepy Poetry

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Here is a poem that I started writing last night in between dreams. I stumbled over the right words, but I hope it speaks to those of us searching for answers amidst the stress of schoolwork and the holiday season. Much love to all readers.

There are endless paths and choices we may make
in this mysterious and precious lifetime.

Sideways glances, turns in sidewalk chalk directions leading us somewhere
we do not recall as places listed on the map.
From the start of our paths we wander in light and dark
Following the lines of our palms as lifemarks.

Maybe it’s random, these acts that make us collide.
Like stardust floating through space until it strikes a comet,
How can we predict where our lives will coincide?

Star meet jupiter, earth creature meet mars.
All in the universe seems stretched out too far
To truly understand how it is unfolding.

The crossing of paths would take an eternity
To remake into a film or explain in a children’s novel
So the choices that lay before humanity
Must be made with a grain of humility.

In the ocean of eternity,
Every belief is a mere grain of sand
A raindrop of reality
One small part of the great Mystery.

Let’s be real:
none of us know how this life will be revealed
So no matter if you stand when you sing or you pray when you kneel
Let yourself feel
the great Mystery born inside of you.

When all else seems too fearful to trust,
Let yourself have the voice and courage to call
Out to its greater Presence.
Let your longing surface from beneath all sound.

We are all looking for some way to be found
By the great Other, the One of the sacred ground.
Our words are the chords that emerge
from a soul seeking meaning,
finding something to believe in.

If there is only one thing I know to be true,
It is the Love that enfolds each of us.
It permeates us all.
The Loving One who is always near
Waits patiently to hear our call.

As we navigate through questions
And find the truth of our path, let’s
forget the maps, and trust that the song we land upon
Is the sacred sound of stardust.

The Light that births each one of us
Delights in the sound of our voice.
As we voyage through the planets
I pray for all Beings to sing with me.
Sing in any language,
In every drumbeat and piano key.
Let each sacred voice be heard
so that one day,
we will land upon peace.


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