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Final Survival

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Well friends, we did it.

For those of you reading this blog who have yet to get through finals – you’re almost there, I promise!

These past two and a half weeks have seemed like a blur of notes, time with friends, doctor’s visits, and many cups of tea. I feel so grateful to have been supported by friends and family during a stressful time and I feel that I have learned many valuable lessons along the way. Let me share a few that come to mind from the past few days:
1. Wear shoes when taking walks outside at night. Otherwise you will get pneumonia; it’s not just a cultural idiom.
2. As it says on my dear roommate’s desk, laugh. If there is nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit!
3. There is always time for a nap.
4. Time spent with friends is so, so precious. Even when we have to separate for three weeks, suddenly I realize how much I love my friends here.
5. The perfect is the enemy to the good enough. Hit ‘submit’ and keep rollin’.
6. When the sun is shining in December, it may not be the apocalypse after all. It turns out North Carolina just has a blessed sky!
7. Christmas cards are ALWAYS worth the time it takes to write them.
8. Quaker Christmas carols are unlike any other.
9. Music and movies make the world go ’round.
10. There is God in all, and all in God. Even school work and sickness is a blessing when seen as a stepping stone in the walk of faith.

Thank you for reading my friends, and I look forward to sharing poetry from home!


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