Willow Wonderings


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From every sunrise to sunrise,
high tide to high tide,
362,880 human creatures learn to breathe air.

Each one made of bones and skin cries out within moments
parting its lips in honest desperation.
It knows its own separation.
Mother and infant once fused as one
become two minds, two hearts, two pairs of lungs.

Each breathing human has a mind to weave synapses
into webs of knowledge, speaks thoughts
and numbers, words and data
creates clocks to control the sun.

And deep within, the human cells
hear words from a different mind
infused with the memories of their ancestors.
Therein lies a pattern of wisdom
that teaches us how to breathe.

Today brings a new human year,
when our babies’ breaths
are threatened by the density of tension in the air.
The air holds our brainwaves, and all
of the smog, wireless signals, pollution, delusion
of dust creatures playing God.

If my mother is the Earth, then she has given birth
to a spider spun out of its own web,
an Eagle fallen out of its own nest,
a human infant crawling out of its own body.

It has given birth to a creature
that has forgotten the sound of its mothers’ heartbeat
forgotten how to wander in woods beyond the streets,
how to tell time by the stars, how to eat
with its hands, and how to travel on its own feet.

The human creature
has slowly destroyed its Body
with its own mind.

For if my mother is the Earth-Body,
then my father must be the Mind-Brain
and in a patriarchal society,
rationality wages war against wisdom.

Clocks turn as we create chaos
turning woodlands into parking lots;
trying to make the seasons stop
we lock ourselves in a slumbered stupor.

It is Time
that we wake up.

We must see that our unmitigated greed
plunders the seeds of our well-being.
In a world of taking more than we need
we will slowly suffer of our souls bleeding.

We must see that our greatest need
is to again hear our Mother’s heart beating,
hear the sound
of growing grass breaking ground,
the sound
of a silent sunset, moonrise, high tide,
monarch flying beneath a cloud breathing sky.

It is Time to realize
we are dust creatures
with brilliant brains and breathing lungs,
who must create and destroy with conscience.

It is Time to come back into our bodies,
into the wild womb of Creation,
where we become One:
both mother and infant,
dust and star, God and human,
sea and sky, you and I.

It is Time to unify as humans and Beings,
to care for our connectedness,
to be awakened, shaken, reborn.
It is Time for our Birthyear.
Let us breathe as One.



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