Willow Wonderings

Love at Needlepoint

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needlepoint touches an energy line,
i feel its millilitre thickness
grappling with my insides.
i see light dancing with darkness
i see Eagles taking flight

away from the words,
the culture, the herd
the ones who speak loudly
while winds whisper wisdom.
the Eagle flies freely to

surrender, the pulses speak.
the acupuncture table
is where you will learn to see
yourself and everything around you
as it is, and should be.

entwined herb and incense
in flame, earth meeting skin
meeting sky, meeting pain
change is rushing through each vein.
this is Love:

sensation awakens transformation.

with a single needle,
sunrise, phone call, raindrop,
line of poetry, heartswell
i am called out of my shell
to let Love work from within.

i see her carrying me to India
to learn yoga by the riverside
i hear her calling me to silence
to break my thoughts from believing
to let her stillness fill my being.

to live in lines of motion
to see Love in the sharpest
needlepoint of necessity,
i surrender in serenity

lo let love work from the inside:
the needle of seeing, giving, receiving,
it is transformation
it is the way the Eagle flies
it is Being – come alive.



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