Willow Wonderings

The Valentine Spirit

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In the spirit of Love, there is room for every beggar,
every body, every broken limb and every beat.
There is space on that great dance floor
for every fault and folly
to be magnificently tuned and turned
into a divine Celebration.
The One who plays the music is just a dancer,
but the Spirit that resides in the motions,
the tapping feet, the drumming beat,
the motionful movement of life.

Here I am, standing before the fullness of Life’s rhythm,
beating myself into a corner,
watching my arms and legs with a suspicious fear.
How shall I know if I am worthy of the dance?
What if I do not know the words to each song?
What if my motions are too swift, or harsh, or I do not belong?
What, then, if I cannot be God?

Come and dance with me, I hear,
spoken into the softness
from God’s tender heart to my own.
I will lead you into the spontaneity
of free limbs becoming sparks
of Light.

No movement can take you from my sight.
No rhythm could set you apart from my delight.
Here, with me, is room for every beggar, body, and beat.
Let your feet move as I lead you
and you shall be made free.
Come, shall we dance,
to the unity of the Spirit?

Suddenly, I am dancing,
filled with the sound of God’s Heartbeat.

Yes, O Loving One,
I shall be Thine.


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